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Captain Blood - a doctor turned pirate

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What's this campaign about?

The campaign aims to apply the motto "Sharing is Caring" to a problem IRL. The blood stock in Sweden occasionally runs short, creating an urgent need for more recurring blood donors. The Pirate Party steps in to help recruit new donors, and to urge already listed donors to book a donation.

The Swedish Pirate Party wants to help solve the problem and at the same time show that crowd funding and sharing is necessary to solve a certain domain of problems. The phrase "sharing is caring" also raises questions about whether copyright really is the best way to ensure cultural growth. What about licenses that actually allow or even encourage sharing, such as the Creative Commons?

Donors, who agree that sharing indeed is caring, report their donations at the campaign site.

Other Swedish parties will be challenged to beat the pirates. Will they raise more blood than Captain Blood and his crew?

The campaign runs until July 7.


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